About Lisa

Lisa combined a profound love of horses and art early in life. A self taught artist, she began sketching horses at age four. She credits her mother (also a successful artist) for her innate ability. Her life has been spent in the company of horses. Her portraits are rich with movement and fine detail which effectively bring her subjects to life on paper. One happy client commented that having Lisa's portrait on her wall is "like having him at home with me always."

In the more than 37 years that Lisa has been creating her art, she is still as passionate as ever about her subjects. She has observed and studied horses all of her life and is also an exceptional photographer, accurately capturing each horse's true character. A rider for over 40 years, she understands the horse community and shares in that connection. Her clients are horse lovers, riders and competitors. Some may simply have a beloved pet, others may wish to memorialize a cherished lost companion. She combines her love of color and motion with the vivid expressiveness of their individual personalities. Her art has been in many equestrian publications, including the 2006 USDF calendar.

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Celebrate the power and elegant beauty of the equine spirit.

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